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Why the name PIK-27

The name PIK comes from Finnish words "Polyteknikkojen Ilmailukerho ry" = The Aviation Club of Helsinki University of Technology. The club has been established in the year 1931. The number 27 is the aircraft design number 27, design numbers are granted to aircraft designs filling rules of the club. PIK has webpages (in Finnish), where PIK-series aircraft are presented, but you can look for the pictures.
All members of PIK27 team have been making PIK20 glider when it was in production. Company has no connection to PIK20 production.

Where are the airbrakes?

The airbrakes you have seen in initial pictures are not abanboned. The brackets and mechanism for the prototype has been done. At one point earlier this year (2006) we just desided, that we would get the aircraft flying more rapidly, if we postpone installation of the airbrakes.
If, during flight testing, need for them is found, they can be introduced to prototype.

What other finnish aircraft's there are?

This is not an official listing, but following aircraft types are known to exist. They are listed using the order of the date of the first flight. Listing is on separate page.

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