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What other finnish aircraft's there are?

This is not an official listing, but following aircraft types are known to exist. Only types that have flown are listed. They are listed using the order of the date of the first flight.

IVL or I.V.L. is Ilmailuvoimien Lentokonetehdas= Aircraft factory of Air forces. VL stands for "Valtion Lentokonetehdas" = "State's Aircraft Factory". This factory was later renamed as Valmet.

Date of first flight Type designator Number produced notes designer(s)
1915 Wrede 1 Single seat aircraft. link to story Kasper Fabian Wrede
16.4.1924 I.V.L. C.24 1 High wing wooden single place fighter. Picture link Kurt Berger
17.04.1924 Adaridi AD3 1 Single seat aircraft with 12 hp engine. Picture link Boris Adaridin
11.07.1925 I.V.L. C.VI.25 1
10.04.1925 Karhu 2 Wooden two place aircraft. 32 hp British Anzani engine. Wiki (in finnish).
1926 Lindström L.1 Pixie 1? Johan Lindström
17.03.1927 I.V.L. D.26 Haukka I 1 Fighter. 450 hp Gnome & Rhone Jupiter IV radial engine. Picture link Kurt Berger
20.03.1927 IVL K.1 Kurki 1 Military trainer. 120 hp Siemens Halske Sh12 engine. Picture link Asser Järvinen
26.04.1927 Karhu 1 1? brothers Karhumäki made this monoplane Harleyd-Davidson HD24FE engine brothers Karhumäki
1927 Blomqvist+Nyberg 1?
01.03.1928 VL D.27 Haukka II 2
19.03.1928 Sääski I 1 Prototype of Sääski II Kurt Berger and Asser Järvinen
13.04.1928 Karhu 3
20.12.1928 Kulhia Mk.1A 1? Mikko Kulhia
22.02.1929 VL Sääski II & IIA 32 First finnish aircraft in series production. Wooden trainer. Picture link Kurt Berger and Asser Järvinen
11.7.1929 Tiira 2 First finnish hobby built aircraft in Finnish aircraft register (#13). Picture link Atle Blomqvist
20.02.1930 Kulhia Mk.1B 1? Mikko Kulhia
30.09.1930 VL E.30 Kotka 6 Sea reconnaisance aircraft. Wright Cyclone R-1820E radial engine. Picture link Kurt Berger
03.1930 Lindström nro2 1 Wiki articlei here., Docplayer here. (in finnish) Johan Lindström
20.03.1931 VL Paarma 1 Two seat trainer, Siemens-Halske 12 120 hp engine. Wiki in finnish Kurt Berger, Gunnar Semenius
1931 Kulhia Mk.2 Mikko Kulhia
10.01.1935 VL Tuisku 31 Trainer for air forces. 215 hp Armstrong Siddeley Lynx IVC radial engine. Wiki in finnish Arvo Ylinen
03.03.1935 Vaapsahainen-liitokone 2 Basic glider. Article in finnish Eero Metsola, Aulinin and brothers Hedström
11.01.1936 VL Viima I 1 Wiki in finnish Arvo Ylinen
15.09.1936 Viri Single place aerobatic aircraft. 37 hp Szekely SR-3-0 engine
1936 VL Viima II 23 Picture link Arvo Ylinen
29.03.1939 VL Pyry 42 Picture link Arvo Ylinen
23.12.1941 VL Myrsky 47 Wiki in finnish "nobody lead desing work"
maybe 1943 Pilven Pentti (OHPPA) 1 made using parts from Karhu 3 Pentti Mäkinen and Pentti Sutinen
08.08. 1944 VL Humu 1 A finnish version of Brewster F2A "Buffalo", made of wood. Today on display in The Aviation Museum of Central Finland. Picture link Torsti Verkkola, Arvo Ylinen and Martti Vainio
21.11. 1945 VL Pyörremyrsky 1 A finnish figher made of wood. Resembles Messerschmitt Bf 109 and using its engine. Today on display in The Aviation Museum of Central Finland. Picture link. Torsti Verkkola
08.09. 1946 PIK-5a/b/c 37 Wiki link Kaarlo Temmes, model b: Lounamaa model c: Tiusanen
1947 PIK-7 Harakka 57 Basic glider. link J.Nurmi, Raimo Häkkinen and Juhani Heinonen
20.07.1948 Karhu 48 2 Four-place high wing powerplance. Picture link
26.09. 1948 Valmet Tuuli II 1 Trainer. 150 hp Siemens Sh 14 A engine. Wiki in finnish Martti Vainio, Torolf Eklund
1948 HRH (OH-BAY/HRH) 1 Glider. Wings covered with paper. Designed in Åland Hans Stenius, Rafael Bergfält and Hĺkan österberg
24.02.1949 Eklund TE-1 1 Single place amphibian aircraft. Continental A40-5 engine. Wiki Torolf Eklund
27.03.1949 PIK-10 Moottoribaby 1 A motorglider based on Grunau Baby glider. Carl Stude, Pentti Alanne and Ville Svahn.
1949 or 1950 Kyrölä "Koekone" 1 Single seat low wing monoplane. No official permit to fly. Initially with Harley-Davidson engine, later Continental. See article by Jukka Raunio. Featured in film Finlandia Survey No 105 (1949), time 1:14 - 2:53. Will be moved to Finnish Aviation Museum (Vantaa). Pentti Kyrölä
1950 Sisilisko (OH-PSB, OH-SAB) 1 Based on polish Salamandra glider. Paavo Järvenpää
1950 PIK-3a/b 4 PIK-3a Lars Norrmén
06.02.1951 Valmet Vihuri 51 Wiki Martti Vainio, Juhanu Heinonen, Järvineva, Brotherus,...
15.03.1953 PIK-11 Tumppu 5 Single place motorplane. Picture link Kai Mellen, Ilkka Lounamaa
29.06.1954 PIK-13 1 Open class wooden sailplane. Antti Koskinen
25.08.1954 Heinonen HK-1 Keltiäinen 1 One seat powerplane. 65 hp Walter Minor engine. Distance world record. Picture link Juhani Heinonen
27.05.1956 PIK-12 4 Two seater wooden sailplane. Wiki in finnish Ilkka Lounamaa
31.07.1957 Valmet Tuuli TL-III 1 Trainer. 225 hp Continental I0-470 engine. Picture link Elias Järvineva
18.05.1958 PIK-3c Kajava Initially known as PIK-14. link Olavi Roininen, Urpo Pikkarainen and Tuomo Tervo
09.02.1961 Kokkola KO-03 ("Nousukas") OH-XYZ 1 Single place autogiro. Seppo and Kalevi Kokkkola
01.06.1961 PIK-16 a/b/c Vasama >52 Wooden 15 m sailplane. Won OSTIV price of best standard class sailplane in 1963. Link Tuomo Tervo and Kurt Hedström
29.3.1963 Heinonen HK-2 Valkuainen 1 Two place wooden aircraft. Picture link Juhani Heinonen
14.08.1964 Fibera KK-1 Utu 30 Glass fibre composite standard class sailplane. Link Ahto Anttila
29.08.1964 PIK-15 Hinu 5 Two seat wooden powerplane. Intended for glider towing. 150/160/180 Lycoming engine. Wiki in finnish Ilkka Lounamaa, Jussi Rinta and Kai Mellén
1964 Kokkola KO-04 Super Upstart OH-XYY 1 Autogiro Seppo and Kalevi Kokkkola
09.03.1965 Havukka Standard (OH-HAX/317) 1 Standard class sailplane.
18.05.1966 PIK-17a Tumppi, 17b Tintti 2 Attempt to create a cheap sailplane. PIK-17a 13m span, PIK-17b 15m span. Link to page containing picture. Kurt Hedström, Ilkka Järvenpää, Juhani Mäkinen, Mauri Määttänen and Björn-Olof Lagerqrantz
24 or 25.06.1966 IKV-3 Kotka 1 Open class wooden sailplane. Picture link Tuomo Tervo and Jorma Jalkanen
1967 Hietanen HEA-23B Ressu (OH-XEA) 1 Esko and Ari Hietanen
1968 ATE-3 3 Single place autogiro. Pictures and story Jukka Tervamäki and Aulis Eerola
26.03.1972 PIK-19 Muhinu 1 Two seat glider towplane. 160/180 hp Lycoming. All composite structure. Picture link Jukka Tervamäki, Ilkka Rantasalo and Pekka Tammi
1972 Tiira 1 "Moonshiner" single place aircraft. Today on display in The Aviation Museum of Central Finland. Link Raimo Päätalo
7.1.1973 JT-5 3 Single place autogiro. Sold, along with productionrights, to Sr. Vittorio Magni in Italy. Pictures and story Jukka Tervamäki
10.10.1973 PIK-20 (A, B, D, E), JT-6 425 A 15 m sailplane. Types A and B had trailing edge flaps as brakes. D and E -model had Schempp-Hirth type brakes. E- model was a self lauching sailplane powered with Rotax 501/505 engine. JT-6 was protye for E-model, a modified D-model. Sold to Issoire Aviation in 1980, which built about 20 units. Wiki, Picture link Pekka Tammi, Stefan Nyström, Erkki Lehtonen, Jukka Tervamäki
01.07.1975 Valmet L-70 Miltrainer, Leko-70, Vinka 32 Basic trainer of Finnish Air Forces. Leko-70 was the prototype, Vinka is the FAF trainer (30) and L-70 is a civilian type certified aircraft (OH-VAA). Wiki Elias Järvineva, + team
09.07. 1976 PIK-18 Sytky 1 Single place high wing aircraft, VW engine. Picture link Ilkka Lounamaa, Jukka Taimio
16.05. 1981 PIK-21 Super-Sytky 3 A single place wooden aircraft. VW engine.Specifications in finnish and pictures. Kai Mellén
22.03. 1982 Valmet PIK-23 Towmaster 2 Two seat glider towplane. 180 hp Lycoming. All composite structure. Wiki Juha Purje and Erkki Ahopelto
1982 Tiira II / RP-82 1 "Moonshiner" single place aircraft. Photo Raimo Päätalo
07.08.1983 Kyllönen JK-1 Iimu 1 Link to picture Jaakko Kyllönen
12.02.1985 Valmet L-80TP Military Trainer 1 Prototype was destroyed during test flights. Valmet L-90TP Redigo (1989) is developed from this aircraft. Elias Järvineva, + team
1987 EJ-canard 1 Two seater canard biplane pusher ultralight. Eero Juntunen, Aki Suokas
23.08.1988 Martekno Atol 5 Amphibian ultralight. Wood composite structure. Picture. Reborn in 2015 as ATOL LSA. First flight of LSA 9.4.2015. Picture Markku Koivurova
1988 Keltto Ahma (U302) 1 Esa Keltto and sons Juha, Kalle and Eero
1989 Valmet L-90TP Redigo about 40 Picture link. Sold to Aermacchi, which marketed is as M290TP. Elias Järvineva, + team
1992 Tiira III / UV-92 1 "Moonshiner" single place aircraft. Raimo Päätalo
10.08.1996 PIK-26 Mini-Sytky 4 Single place ultralight. Pictures and specifications. Kai Mellén
16.10. 2000 U376 "AMFI-10" 1 Two seat amphibian. 80 hp Jabiru engine. Picture Vesa Pehkonen, Aki Suokas
21.12.2006 PIK-27 1 flying, 1 in progress Single seat low wing. Designed only for glider towing. Rotax 914. Aki Suokas
20.6.2007 PIK-25 1 Two seat low wing ac. Diesel engine. Picture Jarmo Hakala, Ari Vahtera
10.8.2009 Marlin 1 Two seat midwing amphibio. Picture Risto Marttila
12.6.2012 FlyNano 3 Single seat very light seaplane. Electric engine. Picture Aki Suokas
26.9.2016 Hippunen 1 Single seat very light aeroplane. Structural mass 60 kg. Youtube video. Vesa Pehkonen

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